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Find the perfect profile in less than 10 minutes! Use geolocation and multi-criteria searches to find someone you trust in just a few clicks.

Yoopies is the new version of the traditional notice board.. The babysitters are available geolocated by neighborhood, everywhere in France!

Yoopies is cheaper than going through an agency that takes commission fees.

Yoopies.fr, the “Facebook's Babysitting” [...] which “recreates traditional experience of word-of-mouth, but on the internet”

Yoopies will replace the traditional word-of-mouth because it includes background checked profiles. Each ad has a grade and a parent's recommendation

For childminders the experience is the most important and Yoopies is fully adapted, encouraging their previous employers to review that experience

On Yoopies, you will easily find the perfect nanny, or students who will help your children with homework.

This is the Facebook for sitters, a social network which lets you recreate the word of mouth!

Yoopies is so simple, you enter your postal code and can review thousands of sitter profiles near you with recommandations.

Yoopies, How Does It Work?

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Yoopies helps you to easily find a pet sitter recommended by your family to keep your dog, cat or other pets.

  • Find a pet-sitter for your dog, cat in Paris and all around France.

    Find a pet-sitter for your dog, cat in Paris and all around France.

    Leaving home for the holidays and you have no one to pamper your pet? Yoopies has the solution to keep your dog, cat, or any other pet. Whether it's a walk, a dog babysitting, a dog sitting late at night, Yoopies has a multitude of profiles near you and available to make your life easier. Your pet sitter can move home or keep your pet at your home. It's up to you to choose the solution that suits you.

    If you need a cat-sitter or a dog-sitter for emergency care, a walk or a visit to check if everything is ok, Yoopies has trusted profiles.

  • The alternative to the canine pension: trusted pet sitter recommended by your friends.

    The alternative to the canine pension: trusted pet sitter recommended by your friends.

    Trust someone to take care of your pet is not easy. Yoopies also gives you access to the opinions and recommendations from other dog owners, cat or other pets. Yoopies is so much more than a matchmaking platform, is a community of families helping each other. With Facebook, you can see who in your network has already recommended a pet sitter. All this contributes to recreate a form of word of mouth.
    So you can find trustworthy people using our service. No agency fees or commissions are needed, you immediate contact profiles in your neighbourhood.

  • Get in touch directly with the pet-sitters.

    Get in touch directly with the pet-sitters.

    Unlike a canine pension, Yoopies receives no commission and is much cheaper than a hotel for cats. In addition, no paperwork is to be expected. Just create a profile in a few clicks and indicate your needs.
    To contact the pet sitters, couldn't be any simpler. Simply select the profile that interests you and to contact either by phone or by email. Your pet will be pampered and happier than in a pension. Do not wait, join Yoopies!

Pet sitting: find the perfect job opportunity for you!

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