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Find a pet-sitting job near you!

1. Become a pet sitter

1. Become a pet sitter

Browse pet owners that need your assistance near you.

2. Get in touch!

2. Get in touch!

Create a profile, find the best best job offer that works with your availability. Contact the pet owner and set a date and time to meet.

3. Earn money!

3. Earn money!

List your own hourly rate and get paid weekly. Your wages will be directly transferred to your bank account!

Yoopies, How does it work?

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Yoopies allows you to easily find a pet-sitter job to keep a dog, a cat or other animals. The site is completely free and allows you to search among several of cat-sitting or dog sitting ads near you.

  • Find a pet-sitter job in a click!

    Find a pet-sitter job in a click!

    Looking to supplement your income? Like pets? Yoopies allows you to create a free full profile pet sitter.
    Are you available during the school holidays? Or just during the day or evening and weekends? Regardless, you will quickly find a pet owner looking for a reliable person to keep his dog, cat.

    You can create a profile in a few clicks. This profile allows you to share your motivations and your experiences. You can also contact the owners of animals around your neighbourhood directly through a location-based search. It is all up to you to arrange your schedule as you like.

  • Get in touch directly with the dog owners.

    Get in touch directly with the dog owners.

    Yoopies receives no commission unlike a canine pension or a hotel for cats.
    To contact the owner, nothing simpler. Simply select the profile that interests you and contact them directly by message. Do not wait to pamper these pets and sign up in a click on Yoopies.

  • A pet-sitter job that matches your schedule.

    A pet-sitter job that matches your schedule.

    Whether you need a dog-sitter or a cat-sitter in Paris, Lyon or Strasbourg, people looking for pet-sitters on Yoopies are all over France. You organize your profile. If you are unavailable for a short or even long periods, you can put your ad on a break. Available again? You can reactivate your ad in one click.