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1. Find the perfect childcare

1. Find the perfect childcare

Find the perfect babysitter near you, verified by Yoopies. View advice and recommendations from other parents.

2. Book your help today

Yoopies does all the paperwork for you which allows you to benefit from the best price, starting from 0.97€ per hour, no matter your situation

2. Book your help today
3. Relax!

3. Relax!

Thanks to online reservation, benefit from our 100% secure online payment, personalized customer service and administrative assistance.

Yoopies is the new version of the traditional notice board.. The babysitters are available geolocated by neighborhood, everywhere in France!

Yoopies is cheaper than going through an agency that takes commission fees.

Yoopies.fr, the “Facebook's Babysitting” [...] which “recreates traditional experience of word-of-mouth, but on the internet”

Yoopies will replace the traditional word-of-mouth because it includes background checked profiles. Each ad has a grade and a parent's recommendation

For childminders the experience is the most important and Yoopies is fully adapted, encouraging their previous employers to review that experience

On Yoopies, you will easily find the perfect nanny, or students who will help your children with homework.

This is the Facebook for sitters, a social network which lets you recreate the word of mouth!

Yoopies is so simple, you enter your postal code and can review thousands of sitter profiles near you with recommandations.

Yoopies, How Does It Work?

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Yoopies allows you to easily find a babysitter, nanny, childminder or au pair recommended by your friends and family. In addition, Yoopies is able to offer you and your family exclusive products and family outings, all at reduced prices. And so you have it, Yoopies is much more than a simple babysitting website.

  • Find a babysitter in Paris or nationwide in FR

    Find a babysitter in Paris or nationwide in France

    Are you looking for the perfect babysitter or nanny to look after your child? Whether you’re searching for a babysitter, nanny, OFSTED childminder or an au pair, Findababysitter.com by Yoopies is here to simplify your search. On our online platform, you can search for someone who matches your criteria: a French-speaking childcarer, a nanny who can pick your children up after school, a student or an experienced nanny. There are ad ranging from OFSTED childminders to occasional babysitters who will take the greatest care of your baby to live-in nannies to babysitter who can double as school tutors. In addition, Findababysitter.com by Yoopies’ geolocalised profiles allow you to refine your search to candidates in your neighbourhood so you can find someone nearby.

  • <a href="%nounou%">Nanny Search</a> : Yoopies has the perfect solution

    Nanny Search : Yoopies has the perfect solution

    Whether you're looking for someone to care for your children in your own home, a bilingual carer, or an entertainer, Yoopies is sure to be your solution. There are no agency fees, babysitters and nannies set their own rates, and you pay them directly, with no additional fees whatsoever. You choose a carer from the profiles in your area. All of our sitters and nannies indicate when they are available, including if they can provide childcare during holidays. Childcarers can also provide their references and be reviewed by other Parents. Thanks to all these features, Yoopies can help you find a trustworthy childcarer in no time! Students, licensed nannies and others interested in childcare can register for free on Yoopies and find a job that fits their schedule. As a Parent, you can post a job advert for free and find the ideal carer by searching yourself, or by having potential candidates contact you directly in response to your job advert.

  • Trustworthy Babysitters and Nannies

    Trustworthy Babysitters and Nannies

    Yoopies is much more than a simple babysitting website – it can also help you find a nanny, a childminder or a babysitter recommended by your close friends. Thanks to Facebook integration, you can see which of your friends have already reviewed a babysitter near you. Using Yoopies, parents and babysitters can form a community and interact with each other. Thanks to online reviews, grades/marks given by parents, qualifications, profile pictures and a link to Facebook, Yoopies has given a 21st-century makeover to the traditional word-of-mouth babysitter search. We aim to create a strong and reliable social network because we understand that you can’t have your children looked after by a just anyone and because ads don’t reveal a person’s true nature.

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