Tutors that give attention, not detention!

Find the perfect tutor. Book online. Yoopies takes care of everything.

1. Find the perfect tutor!

1. Find the perfect tutor!

Find the perfect local home tutor for your child – many of whom are verified by Yoopies. View advice and recommendations from other parents.



After reading and choosing a profile that suits your needs, contact the tutor and select a date and time to meet.

3. Receive personalized follow-up

3. Receive personalized follow-up

Yoopies is here to help you with your search for the perfect tutor

Yoopies is the new version of the traditional notice board.. The babysitters are available geolocated by neighborhood, everywhere in France!

Yoopies is cheaper than going through an agency that takes commission fees.

Yoopies.fr, the “Facebook's Babysitting” [...] which “recreates traditional experience of word-of-mouth, but on the internet”

Yoopies will replace the traditional word-of-mouth because it includes background checked profiles. Each ad has a grade and a parent's recommendation

For childminders the experience is the most important and Yoopies is fully adapted, encouraging their previous employers to review that experience

On Yoopies, you will easily find the perfect nanny, or students who will help your children with homework.

This is the Facebook for sitters, a social network which lets you recreate the word of mouth!

Yoopies is so simple, you enter your postal code and can review thousands of sitter profiles near you with recommandations.

Yoopies, How Does It Work?

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Yoopies allows you to easily find a tutor for academic support at home or to improve in learning a language or a musical instrument in Paris and throughout France.

  • Find a competent tutor for your kids in a click.

    Find a competent tutor for your kids in a click.

    Your child has problems at school and needs tutoring or homework assistance? Yoopies set up a home support service to ensure the success of your children.
    Courses in economics, philosophy, history, geography, French, mathematics, physics, chemistry, Yoopies offers a wide range of subjects.
    It's up to you how often you want the classes to be held. Evening classes, weekend, occasionally, regularly or for a refresher course during the school holidays, everything is possible on Yoopies.

  • Difficulty studying an idiom or the desire to learn a new foreign language or a musical instrument: Yoopies has the solution all over France.

    Difficulty studying an idiom or the desire to learn a new foreign language or a musical instrument: Yoopies has the solution all over France.

    Whether you have a difficulty learning a foreign language (English courses, Spanish, German) or you have the desire to learn a new idiom, Yoopies has the solution.
    Browse through numerous tutors, teachers and students profiles living in your neighbourhood.

    Want to learn to play the piano, guitar or drums without paying the price of a music school? Yoopies offers ads from passionate musicians near you. Do not wait to get started and create your profile on our site.

  • Get in touch directly with the tutors.

    Get in touch directly with the tutors.

    Pedagogy is not a gift given to everyone. This is why Yoopies also gives you access to the opinions and recommendations from other parents of children or who found their tutor on Yoopies. Yoopies is so much more than a matchmaking platform, it is a community of families helping each other. With Facebook, you can see who in your network has already recommended a profile. All this contributes to recreate a form of word of mouth. In addition, no agency fees or commissions are to be expected. You set the remuneration freely with the person.
    To contact the people, nothing more simple. Simply select the profile that interests you and to contact either by phone or by email. The person will then receive an email notifying it that a new message is waiting for answer on Yoopies.

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