General Rules of Diffusion of Yoopies

Capitalized terms are defined in the Terms and Conditions of Use available here.


The insertion and ranking of Members' ads in the search results on the Platform depends on different factors. When a search is performed by an Service User and the search result is ranked by relevance criteria, some ads may be displayed first at the top of results, notably for the following profiles :

- Profiles of sole trader with a Personal Assistance Service Declaration

- Service Provider profiles with a good opinion filed by an Service User

- The most complete Service Provider profiles (profile with a photo, a complete ad, adult person, etc.)

- Service Provider profiles that have been verified by Yoopies team. The Verification service is a paid service as seen in article 3.1

- Service Provider profiles having subscribed to a premium paid subscription as seen in article 3.1 of the Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions , it being specified that only verified profiles can be premium

In addition, the Service User has the possibility of classifying the display of the advertisements according to :

- Relevance (default): The most relevant results are displayed first

- Distance : the announcements of the Service Providers whose these last are the closest geographically to the User having carried out the research

- Rating: Ads from Service Provider with a good rating (ratings ranging from one to five stars) are displayed first.

- Ad Publish Date: the most recent Service Provider announcements are displayed first

When a Service User 's advertisements are consulted by a Service Provider, the Service User 's advertisements may be displayed at the top of the results, in particular for:

- Emergency Guard Announcements

- Ads that meet the Service Provider's criteria (availability, languages spoken...)

- The last update of the Service User 's announcement, it being specified that the premium profiles (mentioned in clause 4.2 of the Terms and Conditions available by clicking here) are updated 4 times every three days automatically

- The distance

- Ads from Service User s who have subscribed to a premium subscription (mentioned in clause 4.2 of the Terms and Conditions available by clicking here.


Users acknowledge that in the event of non-compliance with Terms and Conditions (available by clicking here.

) or these General Rules of Diffusion, the Platform acknowledges the right to exclude them from the Platform and to initiate any legal action if it believes it is the victim of any harm as a result of such acts, and in particular in the event of use for commercial purposes or prospecting of its database (prospecting and/or collection of information on users of Yoopies.fr, use of Service Provider ' contact details, abusive advertising, etc.).


Yoopies is not acting as an agent in any capacity, nor as a home service provider but solely as a contact platform assisting in administrative procedures. Yoopies provides Service Provider and Service User s with tools and technical means enabling them to enter into a relationship via the Platform for the purpose of concluding an employment or service contract.

Individuals and sole trader professionals with a Siret and a Personal Services Declaration are authorised to register on the Platform. It is prohibited for any legal entity, and any natural person acting on behalf of a legal entity, to register on the Platform as a Service User or Service Provider without prior written authorization from Yoopies, to contact Service Provider or Service User, to partially or completely recover the Platform's database, or to use the Platform.


Any person who does not falsely present as an sole trader Services à la personne or any person who presents himself as an individual while acting in a professional capacity may be sanctioned pursuant to Article L132-2 of the French Consumer Code (relating to misleading commercial practices).


Subscription and fees for the Service User

Any Member Service User may subscribe to a Premium Subscription offered on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, which allows him to benefit from the advantages listed in article 4.2 of the Terms and Conditions .

The price (all taxes included) of Premium Subscriptions can be found on the Yoopies website in the section reserved for this purpose. The price of these subscriptions is degressive according to the desired subscription period.

- For one month: 24,90€ TTC, or 20,75€ HT

- For three months: 44,70€ TTC, or 37,25€ HT

- For one year: 154,80€ TTC or 129,00 € HT

The Premium Subscription is tacitly renewed for the same duration as the one initially chosen.

It is possible to end the automatic renewal of the Premium Subscription at any time clicking on the section “My Account”, then selecting “Premium”, then the “Option” tab by clicking on « How to stop my automatic renewal? » then by selecting “stop automatic renewal”.

It is specified that the Service Users can contact in an unlimited and free way the Service Providers having the status of childminder.

. For more information, you canconsult our Terms and Conditions by clicking here.

Verification, subscription and fees for the Service Providers

In order to guarantee to the Service Users the veracity of the information transmitted by the Service Providerswho will be brought to carry out Assignments of Service to the Person, Yoopies proposes a system of Verification of the profiles. This Verification consists of verifying the identity, contact details and any diplomas of Service Providers who request it.

Service Providers who wish to be audited will pay a sum of four (4) euros (3.33 excluding VAT) to cover the costs related to the Audit. The Verification is free and automatic for the sole trader and childminders. In this last case, Yoopies proceeds, in addition to the information mentioned above, to the verification of the approval of the childminder's agrément.

The Verification opens the possibility to the Service Provider to subscribe to a Premium Subscription proposed in monthly formula (7euros per month), which allows to benefit from the following advantages listed in the Terms and Conditions available by clicking here.

(article 4.1)

The Premium Subscription is tacitly renewed every month.

In addition, the monthly Premium Subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the Premium week offered during the Verification.

It is possible to end the automatic renewal of the Premium Subscription at any time by selecting “Stop automatic renewal” which can be found by clicking on the section “My Account”, then selecting “Premium”, then the “Option” tab.

Service Providers with the status of sole trade and childminder with an agrément automatically and free of charge benefit from the Premium subscription.


In consideration of the Services provided to Members, Yoopies receives a commission on the Assignment Prices determined as follows:

- When booking an sole trader profile: Yoopies receives a commission of 9% on the amount of the invoices

- When booking a profile other than sole trader : Yoopies receives a commission of 1€/ hour for a reservation from 1h to 30h/week and 0.50€/h for a reservation from a reservation over 30h/week on the Platform

For more information, you can consult our Terms and Conditions by clicking here.



Payments are made in cash online by credit card: Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard.

Transactions and Premiums Subscriptions.

Yoopies has chosen to trust Payline for all the electronic payment services by credit card for Premiums Subscriptions. By using the Credit Card or Paypal payment system (only reserved for Service Users) during Assignment offered on the Yoopies Site, Members accept the Payline Special Terms of Use available here: https://support.payline.com/hc/fr/articles/360001231208-RGPD-MONEXT-v1-0 .

Transactions and Payment of Assignment.

Yoopies has chosen to trust Leetchi Corp. S.A through the MANGOPAY solution for all electronic payment services by bank card for the payment of Assignments.

Yoopies thus enables its Members to become holders of electronic money units on eWallet accounts. By using the Credit Card payment system during Assignments offered on the Yoopies Site, Members accept the MANGOPAY Leetchi General Terms and Conditions of Use for Electronic Money available here: https://www.mangopay.com/terms/MANGOPAY_Terms-EN.pdf


The Platform has joined forces with AXA insurance and makes available for sole trader profiles and individuals (excluding Service Providers who have concluded an employment contract with the Service User) who are registered on the Platform and who carry out an assignment through the Platform, an automatic and compulsory insurance whose special conditions can be consulted by clicking here (special attention must be paid to the table of guarantees, page 5) and the general conditions by clicking ici .

An Axa information sheet relating to the operation of "Civil liability" cover over time is also available by clicking ici .

In order to implement AXA insurance, the insured in the sense of the special conditions mentioned above must contact the referring agency at the following address: agence.mazaudier@axa.fr.


Yoopies is not party to any contracts that may be concluded between Users, and shall in no event be held liable for any difficulties that may arise during the conclusion or execution of such contracts concluded between Users, nor be party to any disputes that may arise between them as a result of any guarantees, declarations or obligations to which the Users may be bound. Yoopies may send an email or call the Users to put them in contact so that they settle the dispute between them.

In case of disagreement between Yoopies and the User, and when this disagreement could not be settled within the framework of a prior written complaint directly with the Yoopies customer service via the address at contact@yoopies.fr, the User can resort free of charge to a consumer mediator in view of the amicable resolution of the dispute which opposes him to Yoopies. The User may refer the matter to the European Ombudsman, whose contact details and referral procedures are available at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Any disagreement or dispute which cannot be settled amicably shall be settled either under the French Civil Procedure Code, by the court of the place where the defendant resides, or by the place where the service is performed, or under the French Consumer Code, by the court of the place where the plaintiff resided at the time the contract was concluded, unless rules of public policy confer jurisdiction on other courts.


Once an intervention has been carried out by the Service Provider, the Service User is invited to leave an opinion on the quality of the Assignement carried out by the Service Provider and give it a mark. Notices and notes left by Service Users will be visible by other Users on the Service Provider's profile.

The Service Providers accept that their Assignment(s) may be rated by the Service Users, knowing that they will do so on the Yoopies.fr Platform.

The aim is to guarantee to the Service Users the competences of the Service Providerswho will be brought to carry out Assignments.

It is not in any case a question of noting the person but only his Assignment as a Home Worker.

Rating consists of assigning a rating to several aspects of the Assignment, ranging from one to five stars. The addition of these ratings also gives an overall rating ranging from one to five stars.

The rating criteria include:

- Punctuality ;

- Seriousness;

- The sense of contact;

- Dynamism.

When the Speaker has received at least one rating, the average rating ranging from one to five stars will be placed online next to the profile of the Speaker, as it will be posted on the website Yoopies.fr. With each new rating, a new average will be established.

Notices shall be published immediately after they have been drafted.

Individual notes given by Service Users to an Service Provider may, where applicable, be disclosed to the Service Provider concerned at its request. The latter may respond to the assessment through his right of reply by responding to the rating on his profile.

The notices are kept for a period of 5 years from their publication or last modification if necessary. After this period, the notices will be deleted from the Service Provider's profile. Moreover, according to the evolution of the appreciations given by the parents, Yoopies.fr reserves the possibility of removing opinions. The deletion of the Service Provider’s account containing a notice entails the deletion of said notice.

Yoopies gives no consideration in exchange for filing a notice or note on a Service Provider’s Profile.

In order to ensure compliance with the Terms and Conditions, good morals and to guarantee the quality of the Platform's Services, Yoopies moderates published notices a posteriori. A notice may be deleted, without prior information to the User, for one of the following reasons (not exhaustive):

- The notice contains comments that are not related to the person designated by the notice (messages to the Yoopies team, notices on the platform, etc.)

- The notice contains libelous, defamatory, abusive or offensive language.

- The opinion contains comments of an obscene, pornographic, vulgar, inappropriate or sexual nature.

- The opinion contains comments that are aggressive, violent, threatening, harassing, inciting to hatred or violence

- The opinion contains racist, xenophobic and racist comments.

- Notice contains words encouraging activities or use of illegal substances

- The notice is fraudulent in nature

- The notice encourages exchanges by email

- The notice contains links to third-party sites

- The opinion appears excessive or whose rating does not seem appropriate

In case of incomplete notice, the Platform reserves the right to contact the User by email or telephone to inform him that the notice is incomplete.

In case of doubt about the authenticity of a review you have the opportunity to contact Yoopies at contact@yoopies.fr explaining the reasons for your doubt.